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Translating Natalio Gorin’s Astor Piazzolla: A Memoir was a challenge I did not relish. Being true to the spirit of the word is difficult enough in any translation, but Gorin’s book often suggested a conversation between two educated and streetwise, passionate tangueros. Good luck with that.

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Chapter 11, “Self Portrait” from Astor Piazzolla: A memoir (Amadeus Press) Page 136.

I had to work and in exchange for someone to let me play my music I was capable of going on stage naked. I did television, tours around the country with [comic] Tato Bores. And always with the same struggle everywhere.



Excellent notes and annotations by translator Fernando Gonzalez make this the definitive volume of this still-underrated 20th century giant. -- Stephanie von Buchau, Bay Area Reporter, December 20, 2001.


An impressive contribution to Music History studies.
Superbly translated, annotated, and expanded by Fernando Gonzalez (who as a music critic for The Miami Herald and The Boston Globe reported extensively on Astor Piazzolla's career), Astor Piazzolla.

By Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)

American popular music critic and translator Fernando Gonzalez, an Argentine native, who covered Piazzolla's career in the United States, has generously annotated the Amadeus edition for the ever- widening audience of Astor Piazzolla…